Saturday, 31 December 2016

Will it rain?

"Save us," whispered the plants.
Will it rain tonight?

This month we have had 530mm rain here in the CBD. Usually, we get around 240mm. Our annual rainfall is about 1 540 mm. Not our wettest month. Not our wettest year.

My poor pot plants have been battered by the strong wind that comes with many of the December storms. I move them around so they get fresh air and sunshine without too much windburn. Now the poor helpless things are shoved at the ends of the verandah in a bid to shelter them from the wind.

Will it be fine enough for the New Years Eve celebrations? It is sunny now. Will it last?

Each New Years Eve there are two free concerts and two fireworks displays at the waterfront, just walking distance from our home.
This year the children's concert has characters from TV. Later is the adults' concert with Diesel.
One fireworks display is at 9.00 and the other at midnight.
I like the crowd, the excitement, the noise, and of course the fireworks. Yes, I'm a sook and do not stay until midnight.

But, will it rain?

I am wishing you a very enjoyable evening. Promises to be good can wait a while. Eat something high in calories!


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