Monday, 2 January 2017

Storms and bubbles

The large bubble at the bottom is 10cm across.
Last night we had a couple of very windy storms coming from the west. The strong winds forced water and air into tiny cracks or openings in our building.

This morning I found this.

This window is completely exposed with no shade or shelter at all.

The bubbles are a combination of air and water. The force has been enough to lift the paint away from the concrete wall. I wonder who invented such strong paint.

A small amount of water had leaked in via the window fitting, but that has not caused the paint to bubble.

Our body corporate management has been notified, because if it happens in our flat then it also happens in every flat directly above and below us - 28 floors. Our building is insured for storm damage and an insurance assessor will have to inspect this. Nothing is actually broken. Let's see what happens as the monsoon continues.

During the afternoon the weather was fine, warm and sunny. The sun shines directly on this window every afternoon of the year. The bubbles decreased dramatically. I wonder if they will grow again tonight while I am dreaming.

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  1. Hi Louise
    Thank you for leaving your comment today!
    It's nice when near neighbours pop in and say hello!
    The monsoons are a clue as to where you live - and on the side of your blog I see mention of Darwin Chorale!
    We lived in south east Queensland for a couple of years and even there I found the storms quite frightening.
    Fingers crossed your damage isn't too bad and the body corp comes to the party.
    I'm following you now so we can stay in touch.
    I saw a photo of you quilting - it's on my Bucket list to do when I finally retire - I've got lots of fat quarters French General mainly. Because of my family I'm a Francophile!!


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