Sunday, 16 April 2017

Driving about

We drove down to Batchelor and Adelaide River.

There was a little market at Batchelor which we supported by purchasing some coffees and the ubiquitous sausage sizzle. And bought some other useless ornaments that I did not need but felt might disappear in a puff of smoke if they did not come home with me.
Thankfully my husband hauled me off to visit the local museum. Absolutely loved that. Batchelor has a long and interesting history starting with farming, branching into mining, then military stuff, mining again, and lastly education. It is a very pretty place in the middle of not-quite-nowhere.

Off to Adelaide River and the Railway museum. Loved that too.  I'm not sure why, but I really enjoy looking at old engines and things. I looked at the water tower and immediately thought of those television shows where people convert similar structures into homes. The museum has a lot of material. Some of the displays deserve better attention, but the manpower is not available.

Adelaide river has seen more prosperous times, but it hangs on. It is a popular stop for the grey nomads with their big cars and caravans. There's an amazing war cemetery. We of the Never Never country. Gold mining comes and goes.

The reservoir that originally provided water for the steam trains is gorgeous.

The Adelaide River Railway museum has quite a few buildings
and interesting bits and pieces.

Time and the tropics.

It's a bit tricky to maintain the site but the old equipment is fascinating.
This reservoir is not used now, but once supplied all the water for the steam trains and the little community.
It's big. This photo hardly does it justice.