Sunday, 2 July 2017

Keanu's quilt

Another quilt for a little baby.

Keanu has been waiting since March, but, at last, his quilt is finished.

It looks a bit better than this.  The gentle tropical breeze(!) would not cooperate and be still while my hero took the photo.

Quite a few dramas along the way. I have such a lot to learn. I am pleased that my quilting is improving. There are parallel lines, one set following the strips and one set at an angle to those but not at 45 degrees. The corners are still not as neat as I would have liked, but the important thing is that the child receives a gift made with love.

Keanu is a dear little boy, very happy and calm. I'm sure he will use this quilt for years and for many purposes.


  1. Love all the blues, a beautiful quilt.

  2. It looks very snuggleable - I'm sure it will be well loved.


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