Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Another baby quilt

Another baby girl is due in the family so I made a quilt. My husband's cousin John will soon be a grandfather. Carly and Ryan have wanted a child for years.

I mixed a little blue into the top so that it could be used for a boy later, and then backed it with pink just in case. This quilt might be used for another child, but then again maybe not. The mix is mainly turquoise, purple, and yellow.

It is definitely time to use a different patchwork design.

I was quite happy with the quilt top but not so happy with my quilting. It definitely became frilly at the ends of the rows when I did the quilting. This should not have happened, and previous quilts have been more successful. I also had trouble with the tension as I stitched.

Perhaps it is time to get serious and start going regularly to some stitch-and-sew sessions at the fabric shop.


  1. The baby won't mind if the quilting is not quite perfect. It will love the colours and the contrasts.


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