Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Do you want a job outdoors?

Not the best photo. 
Last year we had an earthquake that damaged our building.
Rain came in the cracks, railings came loose, and a few other little details.

The engineers visited. The insurers visited.

Finally, repairs are well underway.

It's a tricky job but luckily it has not been windy.

I looked out the window and snapped a photo.

Do you want a job in the great outdoors? Fresh air and sunshine. This could be just right!

Here you can see the roof of a hotel across the street. The brown roof is more than 20 floors below us, and again across the street. The man is not sitting on that slatted window shade; he is hanging a few metres above it.

A crew of three, two men and a woman, have been abseiling up and down, this wall and then that. Ropes galore. It's a big building, 28 floors and about the footprint of a city block. No mistakes. Do not drop anything. Drilling. Cutting. Filling. Patching. Risking their necks. Very careful.

Not so long ago some politicians who have lovely inside jobs remarked that workers should not retire until the age of 70 or 75. Somehow I doubt these workers will last that long in such a high-risk occupation. I don't expect they will fall, but I do expect that other factors will encourage them to change jobs after a while.


  1. Not a job I could do, I'm afraid! I get nervous one step up a ladder. I like to keep my feet on the ground.

  2. Not for me :) ... Same kind of discussions here about retirement age. (As if all jobs, and all people, were the same.)


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