Friday, 29 September 2017

Surprising find!

I was driving along the street, glanced towards the op shop, and was surprised, most surprised.

On the verandah were a wooden desk and a wooden stool. Hmm. Better stop for a look.
Quick as a flash, I pulled into a handy parking spot.
Yes, there they stood. Dusty. Unwanted. Lovely. Solid teak.

Of course, I bought them both.
 I paid a low but fair price. New, they would have been double what the op shop wanted. And the money goes to a good cause. Win, win.

A little cleaning and attention with teak oil and now I have these charming additions to our already overcrowded flat.

Both pieces of furniture are made of recycled timber from fishing boats. How do I know this? I have a cupboard that bears similar signs of re-use. They are great. Solid timber, no chipboard or plywood. Handmade, with occasional rough bits. Well made. The stool has been repaired but it is still functional.
Perhaps they came from a divorce settlement. Perhaps someone was moving to a new house and changing their lifestyle. Now they have a new life with us.
And my husband has a special spot for doing his Indonesian studies.

I am so lucky. It was a most surprising find.

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