Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Sewing again

I have been sewing again.

My husband is part of a large and loving Catholic family. Twin boys, the grandsons of one of his cousins, live in Perth. The boys are my husband's first cousins twice removed. Or our children's second cousins once removed. How's that for degrees of separation and family connections?

So back to the machine for two little quilts. One is finished. The top of the other quilt is waiting for me. Ha! Emphasise waiting.

I tried to be a bit more creative with the quilting this time, but it is still all in straight lines. The quilt has remained flat with no wobbly ends, thankfully. I learned that too much parallel quilting causes that problem.

I accidentally discovered that more than a few of the family members are quite competitive in quilting. And some of them are extremely smart! With the help of YouTube and various blogs, I hope to keep up. I am not naturally competitive about the usual things, so I'll be supportive. It's about effort and love. My husband counted that I have sewn 22 baby quilts now. He is competitive, I suspect.


  1. Looks good!

    The last actual baby I made a quilt for is now 17 years old. Perhaps there will be another generation some time, and I will have a reason to make baby quilts again.

  2. It's beautiful! Love the colours.


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