Tuesday, 17 October 2017


We are home again after a trip to the Blue Mountains. It was a bitter-sweet occasion. One sweet moment was seeing these lovely violets in a Lithgow garden.

A much-loved brother-in-law died and the family gathered for the funeral. Don had done a lot of voluntary work for the St Vincent de Paul Society. So many people had memories to share of his good deeds - his family had no knowledge of most of that. Such a good and private man.

It was marvellous to see once again so many family members. The children had grown. The adults had such a lot to say. We had a wonderful time talking, talking, remembering, and getting to know one another again. Don had lived in the same house for more than fifty years. There are so many photos, books, letters, and so forth. Happiness mingled with grief.

Peter, the oldest son, returned a few years ago to live with his parents, a loving choice to make. After his mother died Peter took on the extra responsibilities involved. Now Peter has lost his father, his housemate, his sounding board, and will lose his home. Bittersweet.

We had the new-for-us experience of staying in an AirBnB house in the mountains. That was a shock! The house itself was architecturally very nice indeed, but the management left a lot to be desired. At least the beds were comfy. but The bins were overflowing and had obviously not been emptied for at least three months. The cutlery and plates had been put away dirty in spite of there being a dishwasher. Lights were broken. One bathroom was a rust party. There was no exhaust fan over the stove. The oven was filthy. And the wooden walkway through the garden was rotten and broken. What a disaster! I do not know how AirBnB regulates the places it advertises, but this one was a shocker.

Now we are home again. I admit that these recent events have changed my outlook on life. Housework and home maintenance have a higher priority thanks to AirBnB. I am changed by the knowledge of Don's voluntary efforts in his community. Isn't it strange that we can be lifted by a sad event? Love is so complicated.


  1. That sounds bitter-sweet indeed.

  2. True. The loss of family or friends tends to do things to our perspective on life, somehow.


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