Monday, 23 October 2017

Walking and looking

I walked again this morning, but only 6km. Many people were doing the same, although I guess the ones I saw were not going to work as I didn't even start until after breakfast. It was lovely this morning - only 26 degrees C, but the humidity was high at 96%. I was happy to finish before the day warmed up.

I stopped for a drink and saw these lovely flowers peeping through the fence of the Deckchair Cinema. Made me smile.

Locally, these flowers are called Parrots' Beaks, but the correct name is Heliconia Rostrata. I looked on the internet and was amazed at the prices nurseries expect customers to pay for them. Homeowners here chop them out and throw them in the bin. It's a bit tricky to display the flowers in a vase. Leave them in the garden. These plants grow quickly and thickly. Partial shade, plenty of food and drink.

How big are the flowers? These today would have been about 30 - 40 cm long but I have seen them much longer if the gardener takes a lot of care.

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  1. Wow! So tropical. I probably couldn't even get a heliconia growing in the greenhouse, much less keep it alive long enough for it to flower.


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