Thursday, 15 February 2018

New family member

This week we welcomed a new little girl into the family.
Her name is Pippa and she came a little early.

I was surprised that Pippa and her proud parents stayed at the hospital for only a few hours.

Everyone is delighted that the birth went well. When Camilla was born, her back was broken during the birthing process. We did not find out until she was about seven years old and in constant pain. The advice from the specialist was that she must always do lots of sport to build strong muscles to support her body. We were told that she must never become pregnant because the injury would not cope with that and she would then be paralysed. Camilla and her husband knew the risk and decided it would still be worth taking.

It seems the doctor was wrong. Hurrah! The breaks in her bones have healed completely. Thank goodness. The happiest result imaginable. Healthy baby, healthy mother.

I am overflowing with love for this little girl. Pippa, you may be small but you are part of a huge family with members scattered around the globe.


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