Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Playing Grandma

On Grandma's quilt.
Finally, I was able to visit Pippa. I have had a bad cold for a week but decided that I probably am no longer contagious.

My first thought was that baby Pippa seemed rather small, but that was quickly howled down by Doting Mother. What has happened to my memories? Of course, I remember my own babies as absolute geniuses who practically spoke and swam within days of their birth. Could this be a hallucination? Delusion? Dementia? Oh, not a total fabrication!!

I snapped a couple of photos for the Boasting and Bragging Compendium. This seems to be an essential modern accessory carried by grandmothers in their handbags. Mine is at the ready on my phone.
Here she is snuggled in Grandpa's arms.We talked about who is to be known as what due to the large size of the family. Three grandmothers. three grandfathers, one great-grandmother, and so forth.


  1. What a sweetie she is, asleep on that special quilt1

  2. Oh, yes, My ego went into overdrive at that photo.

  3. Oh isn't it lovely to see your grandchild on a quilt you have made. So special!


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