Monday, 5 February 2018

Quilt for my sister

I have now posted this quilt for my sister. She lives in a secure aged care facility in Melbourne now. I hope this quilt is useful and is not lost too soon. I visited Colleen last July, but probably will not be able to visit this year at all.

Colleen has dementia and needs lots of help. Her adoring husband, also in his eighties, visits her every day and is home alone now.

He did a mighty good job of caring for her at home, feeding, bathing, dressing, toileting, everything she needed. Finally, someone helped him even though they have many friends and two of their children live close by. Because he is a calm sort of man and everything always looked the same as always, nobody knew what was happening. All I knew, and I am at the opposite end of the country, was that my sister was taking some tablets for dementia. I had no idea how ill she had become or that her husband was doing everything to care for her all by himself. Most people in this country are proud and wish to maintain their dignity, but surely the medical professionals should have done a bit more.

So much for my nasty rant and rave. I need to remember that this could happen to me or to someone else that I love. I wonder if we really learn enough from experience.

I tried to quilt in straight lines this time, but still make some sort of design. That was considerably more difficult than I expected. The quilting turned out fairly well, but I do need to improve. The pieces are mainly from a kit I bought online.

I finally joined the local patchwork and quilting club. They meet several times each week and have clubrooms in the light industrial area of town. The set-up is marvellous and the lighting is excellent. I could see so much better there than at home. The space for cutting was just amazing. So many mats and rulers! So every Thursday should now see me stitching merrily away and learning from those around me. Would you believe it, but on Thursdays the club runs from nine in the morning until nine at night.


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your sister's situation. Dementia is a horrible disease.

    The quilt is lovely, and I'm sure she will enjoy the bright colours even if she doesn't realise who made it with so much love.

  2. what a lovely quilt - I am sure that your sister will feel the love. It is the selfless carers who struggle silently that need our love and support.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. Perhaps a cure will be found for dementia, or at least a treatment that works. I earnestly hope that you and the ones you love do not suffer from dementia ever. It steals life not only from the patient, but also from those who are closest.


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